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Approved Services  

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Domestic Violence Treatment  Billable ATP Service

MWSE believes violence results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships, and from societal abuse of power and domination in the forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism, able-bodyism, ageism and other oppressions. MWSE believes abuses of power in society foster battering by perpetuating conditions which condone violence.   


SSIC  Billable ATP Service

MWSE offers Strategies for Self-Improvement and Change (SSIC), a weekly treatment program that focuses on self-improvement.  


Seeking Safety  Billable ATP Service

MWSE offers Seeking Safety, a  treatment program that was designed for flexible use. It has been conducted in group and individual format; for women, men, and mixed-gender; using all topics or fewer topics; in a variety of settings (outpatient, inpatient, residential); and for both substance abuse and dependence. It has also been used with people who have a trauma history, but do not meet criteria for PTSD.


Anger Management and Substance Abuse  Billable TASC Service

MWSE’s general intent of the anger management program is to increase client’s responsibility for their own emotions and subsequent reactions to those emotions.  To provide skills in the core components of anger management including; rational thinking, physical responses and behavior responses.  Also, to increase the client’s ability to react to conflict in an assertive manner rather than an aggressive one, to equip the client with healthy interventions to stress and to develop communication skills. 


Intensive Outpatient Treatment Billable TASC Service

MWSE offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment which means treatment that is provided to clients requiring a primary, organized treatment program and who are able to establish abstinence and recovery within the context of the client’s usual environment and daily activities. This 21 session level of care is offered both in the day from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s and also in the evenings on Tuesday’s from 6:00 pm – 9:15 pm, Wednesday from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm and Thursday’s from 6:00 pm – 9:15. 


Substance Abuse Treatment/Co-Occuring Disorders Billable TASC Service

Common examples of co-occuring disorders include the combinations of major depression with cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction with panic disorder, alcoholism and poly-drug addiction with borderline personality disorder with episodic poly drug abuse.  Thus, relapse prevention must be specially designed for patients with dual disorders compared with patients who have a single disorder, patient with dual disorders often require longer treatment, have more crisis’ and progress more gradually in treatment. 


Relapse Prevention  Billable TASC Service

MWSE offers court ordered and voluntary Non-DUI or Relapse Prevention classes. These classes meet once a week and are directed towards people who have been convicted of an alcohol or drug charge or those with a history of substance dependency issues. 


Non-DUI or Relapse Prevention groups deal with specific relapse potentials, positive vs. negative behaviors, self-esteem, past and present family issues and behavioral change tools. Additional topics will be addressed depending on individual and group needs. 


Marijuana Only  Billable TASC Service

The modules address Marijuana use and dependency. The client will be able to determine the level of impact marijuana has had on their life through a battery of assessments which include timeline follow-back grid; marijuana use summary sheet, 5 page structured clinical interview based on DSM-IV criteria, marijuana problem scale, reasons for quitting questionnaire, self-efficacy questionnaire complied into a personal feedback report.


Native American Medicine Wheel – 12 step therapy  Billable TASC Service

The Medicine Wheel and 12 steps for Men Series approach the twelve steps of recovery from a Native American perspective.  This approach was developed by the Wellbriety Training Institute.  Topics are Medicine Wheel teachings which include; Medicine Wheel Teachings, Cycle of Life-growing up as an Indian, The Two Thought Systems, The Four Directions of Growth and The Four Directions and the 12 Steps in a Circle.


Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy  Billable ATP Service

In order for you to be a positive and pro-social member in society, it may be essential for you to have the support of your family.  Through therapy, you will regain the ability to resolve problems or issues within your relationships in order to assist you in succeeding in the community.  With the positive and therapeutic support of your family, we will work towards adjustment back into the community by diffusing, negotiating or mediating in order for you and your family to find long-term success in the community.


Mental Health Services-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Billable ATP Service

CBT in mental health treatment targets the thoughts, choices, attitudes and meaning systems that are associated with antisocial behavior and deviant lifestyles.  It uses a training approach to teach new skills in areas where offenders criminal behavior are a risk for re-offense.  The approach targets interpersonal problem awareness, generating alternative solutions rather than reacting impulsively, evaluating consequences, resisting peer pressure, opening up and listening to other perspectives, soliciting feedback, taking other persons’ well-being into account and deciding on the most beneficial course of action. 


Short Term, Intensive, Individual Treatment  Billable ATP Service

Prior to treatment, an assessment is completed in order to address your current mental health and personal treatment needs.  You will then work closely with the therapist to establish a set of treatment goals; these goals will both introduce you into a personalized treatment program to address your specific mental health needs as well as guide you through the most beneficial treatment program. 


This treatment module is intended to be short-term and your personalized set of treatment plan goals will reflect such however, you may require a longer form of treatment in conjunction with Short Term, Intensive, Individual treatment as well.  For example, if you are in need of trauma based therapy, you may be referred to attend EMDR therapy.  If you are experiencing anxiety related issues, a cognitive behavioral group or DBT group may be more appropriate.  In addition to group based therapy, individual crisis management therapy can be utilized if needed. 






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