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Native American Medicine Wheel  

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Native American Medicine Wheel and 12 Step group program for adults


The Medicine Wheel and 12 steps for Adults Series approach the twelve steps of recovery from a Native American perspective.  This approach was developed by the Wellbriety Training Institute.  Topics are Medicine Wheel teachings which include:


  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Cycle of Life-growing up as an Indian
  • The Two Thought Systems
  • The Four Directions of Growth
  • The Four Directions and the 12 Steps in a Circle


How to weave in the 12 steps from a cultural approach: Mind Mapping, Thought Process, Two Ways to Take Step 3- Inventory, Step Four- Resentment Inventory-People, Institutions, Principles, Fears and Sex, Step Five-Self Talk and Comfort Zones, Step Five-Integrity, Step Six-Willingness, Step Seven-Finding your relationship with others, Step 8-Harms List, Step 9-Justice, Step 10-Perseverence, Step Eleven-Spiritual Awareness, Step 12-Service and Message to the Younger Brother.










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