Level II

Education and Therapy


Enhanced Outpatient Treatment (EOP)

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Preventing drinking and driving has emerged as a top community priority. The Impaired Driver Program, in conjunction with law enforcement and other community groups, is making a difference.

The program provides Level II Education and Therapy to clients who have been arrested and convicted of impaired driving offenses in Colorado. We do offer services to Interstate Compact clients. The program is designed to promote responsible behavior through better decision making, thereby reducing repeat DUI (driving under the influence) offenses.

  • Each intake costs $ 50.00 + mandatory book 15.00 = 65.00
  • Classes are $ 25.00

The Enhanced Outpatient Treatment class can range from 20 to 36 weeks. Participants meet twice a week with each class lasting two hours. Depending on the needs of the individual, additional hours may be required. Topics covered include, but are not limited to; the process of addiction and recovery, emotional identification and management, celebrating personal responsibility, communication skills, identification and management of triggers, how to apply the stages of change individuality for high risk situations, creating boundaries and how to access family and peer support.


Ignition Interlock Education and Treatment
Persons receiving DUI education or therapy who are currently utilizing an interlock device, or are planning to utilize an interlock device, will be provided information and encouraged to attend a combination of group and 1/2 hour individuals totaling 10 hours over a 5 month period to extend the effectiveness of interlock beyond the period during which they are installed. The 10 hours will be applied to your therapy requirement. For more information call Joanne Ott at 303-665-7037


Please call (303)-665-7037 to schedule an intake. Have your court paperwork available at the time of the call.

         Please ask us about reduced-cost services for indigent and low-income clients.

Services are available for anyone on a voluntary basis, while on bond, juveniles, Probation clients as well as Parole clients.



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