Domestic Violence








MWSE provides treatment for men and women (voluntarily or court ordered) who are seeking domestic violence counseling. MWSE's plan is to help the client eliminate physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. We will focus on identification and awareness of the problem; taking responsibility for the abuse; enhancing self esteem; building anger management, conflict resolution, communication, stress-management skills; and remaining chemically free.

Specific group sessions discuss family of origin, addictions, sexuality, irrational beliefs, gender stereotypes, parenting, and more. Clients are seen weekly for individual or group sessions.

Colorado mandates anyone who was convicted after September 1st 2010 to be evaluated per the DVOMB standards and be placed in one of the following levels; Level A, Level B or Level C.  The Probation Officer must agree with the level of treatment; you can attend groups following the intake/evaluation process.  All clients must bring a current CBI arrest record to the evaluation process.  For more information on accessing your criminal history via CBI, please contact our office. 

  • The intake is $ 65.00
  • The levels assessment is $50.00
  • Each class is $ 25.00
  • Individual counseling sessions range from $ 50.00 to $ 125.00, depending on income *

* Please ask us about reduced-cost services for indigent and low-income clients.

** Due to Colorado's Victim's Advocate Law, you MUST provide this agency with specific information regarding your victim.

Services are available on a voluntary basis as well as for clients on bond.





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