Juvenile Services










MWSE offers a variety of court ordered and voluntary group or individual sessions for juveniles.  Juveniles who are required (or want to participate voluntarily) in a Non-DUI or Relapse Prevention classes will deal with specific relapse potentials, positive vs. negative behaviors, how to deal with peer pressure, self-esteem, past and present family issues and behavioral change tools.  Additional topics will be addressed depending on individual and group needs.


Juveniles can participate in the following treatment at MWSE;

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) which consists of both individual and group therapy
  • Individual Therapy – based on the juveniles need
  • Regular Outpatient or Group Therapy – Relapse Prevention



Please call (303) 665-7037 for specific court related requirements

  • Intake is $65.00 (this price includes the mandatory book associated with group)
  • Each class is $ 25.00
  • Individual sessions range from $ 50.00 to $ 125.00, depending on (family) income

Please ask us about reduced-cost services for indigent and low-income clients.






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