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Marijuana Only Group

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The Six Modules specific to Marijuana abuse and addiction reprinted in 2009 by SAMHSA.  The modules address Marijuana use and dependency. The client will be able to determine the level of impact marijuana has had on their life through a battery of assessments which include timeline follow-back grid; marijuana use summary sheet, 5 page structured clinical interview based on DSM-IV criteria, marijuana problem scale, reasons for quitting questionnaire, self-efficacy questionnaire complied into a personal feedback report. Treatment goals will be assessed and applied to the following modules.  The therapeutic approach is motivational interviewing using cognitive behavioral material to focus on building the client’s behavioral, cognitive, and emotional skills necessary to undertake a major like change such as stopping marijuana usage. 

The first two sections focuses on the stage of change, learning new coping strategies and ways to implement those strategies to develop a quitting marijuana agreement.


Sections three through 9 focus on skill building which includes developing a plan, assessing high-risk situations, exploring addictive patterns, cravings and urges, daily record of urges to use marijuana, automatic thoughts and strategies for coping, development of skills for automatic thoughts and practice, problem solving, marijuana refusal skills, self-reflection, recognizing irrelevant decisions, relaxation techniques, boredom management, assertiveness training and planning for emergencies. 


  • The intake is $ 65.00
  • Each class is $ 25.00
  • Individual sessions range from $ 50.00 to $ 125.00, depending on income

Please ask us about reduced-cost services for indigent and low-income clients.

Please call (303) 665-7037 for specific court related requirements.

Services are available for anyone on a voluntary basis, while on bond, Probation clients as well as Parole clients.


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